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Some Thoughts on Your Thoughts

(& things you didn’t think of)   We give power to the BullySelf when the thoughts we think about ourselves are distorted and limiting.   What we choose to believe about ourselves either motivates us to action or suppresses us to inactivity and neglect. When we hold on to negative thoughts about ourselves, we give our […]

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Can I Accomplish Great Things Despite My Pile of BS?

When we accomplish great things, we feel fulfilled.  It is our very nature to enjoy getting things done.  It is no wonder we feel a sense of satisfaction when the task is completed.  It’s only natural to want to share news of our achievements and maybe even receive some recognition. Achievers receive the respect of […]

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A Lonely Valentine - Who Will You Love?

A Lonely Valentine – Who Will You Love?

Valentine’s Day is swiftly bearing down on us.  Soon we’ll all be inundated with an overabundance of chocolate-filled commercials and a boatload of depressing Facebook statuses about “Singles Awareness Day”.  Love is in the air!!! But is there love inside your head? We all have a list of things we hope to find in a […]

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Too Hard on Yourself

Are You Too Hard On Yourself?

Does being “Hard on Yourself” help you realize your goals?  Or does it make you a victim? “No one is as hard on me as I am.” Has this thought (or one like it) ever crossed your mind?  Has it made it past your lips?  How does being “hard on yourself” help you on your […]

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Don't give me that BS!

Don’t give me that BullySelf!

Call BS!! The initials of the BullySelf are BS.  Yes, we know that’s not all BS stands for!  However, in this forum we are going to replace the “stinky crap” with the word BullySelf. We’ve all heard and probably used the term, “BS”.  Sayings like… “Oh, BS” ”That’s a load of BS” “You’re BS-ing me” […]

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WHY does the BullySelf have such an effect on us?

If you’ve been following along, we have been addressing that cruel, internal voice we use on ourselves in uncomfortable situations.  We call this voice “The BullySelf”…because NO ONE “Beats us up” like we do ourselves.  Self-bullying is at the root of everything that keeps you from reaching your goals. We hope you’re finding some familiar feelings […]

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self belief

WHERE did the BullySelf come from?

It would be easy to say that the BullySelf comes from our “Mother” and other early influencers from our childhood. It feels convenient to hold on to the belief that someone else is to blame for all our shortcomings; that our failures and missteps were caused entirely by the conditioning we received as children. But […]

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Discovering the WHAT in the 5W's of the BullySelf

WHAT the BullySelf Does to Us

Now that we’ve had a chance to discuss The Bully Self and look at a few of its characteristics, let’s dig a little deeper and explore why we are so susceptible to the actions of this bully.  The Bully Self is, after all, one of our own creations, one of the tools we’ve put in […]

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WHO is this BullySelf?

WHO is this BullySelf?

Before we can understand who the BullySelf is, we must first understand who we are.  We’re going to explore more of WHO we really are and how we can uncover our authentic selves in a coming post, however, for the purposes of this particular post, we will define WHO we are as unlimited, creative beings […]

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