Don’t give me that BullySelf!

Call BS

Call BS!!

The initials of the BullySelf are BS.  Yes, we know that’s not all BS stands for!  However, in this forum we are going to replace the “stinky crap” with the word BullySelf.

We’ve all heard and probably used the term, “BS”.  Sayings like… “Oh, BS” ”That’s a load of BS” “You’re BS-ing me” “Don’t give me that BS”, etc. have become common in everyday conversations.  We don’t hesitate to call out the BS on whatever is being perpetrated against us by others.  We use these phrases to keep our distance from things that will cost us money, set us back and slow us down, or even aggravate us in general.

We just finished our series on The 5 W’s of Understanding The BullySelf.  In it, we discovered WHO the BullySelf is, WHAT effects it has on us, WHEN it is likely to show up in our lives, WHERE it hangs out and WHY it has so much power over us.  We uncovered the fact that the BullySelf has a deep and relentless influence over our inability to take action, simply by filling our minds with all the reasons we don’t deserve the things we aspire to become/accomplish.  We also learned that it feeds us a lot of BS.

The BullySelf in you really IS just BS.  It doesn’t exist except in your mind.  It feeds off of your negative energy and grows stronger when you are fearful (because of the things it tells you) or when you get stuck in a pattern of inactivity.

Next time you feel the frustration of the BullySelf rising up to defeat you, pull out the familiar phrases that will remind you how to deal with it the way you should.   When you hear it telling you things that drag you down, shut it up by telling it something like … “Oh, BS”  “That’s a load of BullySelf” “You’re BS-ing me” “Don’t give me that BullySelf”, etc.  You pick, – it’s YOUR BullySelf!

As you continue to confront the BS whenever it shows up, it will become easier for you to recognize its bullying tactics.  When it starts in on you with its demoralizing litany of words and phrases, you’ll have the strength and awareness to put your thoughts back on the right track, the track that allows you to continue on toward action and success.

Let’s get back on track and give ourselves the right to call out the BullySelf.  Remember, Call BS!


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