Some Thoughts on Your Thoughts

(& things you didn’t think of)Thoughts


We give power to the BullySelf when the thoughts we think about ourselves are distorted and limiting.   What we choose to believe about ourselves either motivates us to action or suppresses us to inactivity and neglect.

When we hold on to negative thoughts about ourselves, we give our own BullySelf permission to beat us down or beat us into submission.  It’s where phrases like “I’m beating myself up” or “I always beat myself up” come from.  The specific type of negative thought doesn’t really matter.  Something as simple as a little self-doubt can awaken your own inner BullySelf.

Your mind is constantly thinking.  Not a second goes by without a thought floating through your brain.  Your wonderful, powerful, unlimited creativity machine is constantly “on”.  Even when your body finally needs to sleep, your mind keeps exercising thoughts.  You really need to be alert in order to keep these constantly moving negative thoughts from having center stage in your mind.

Nothing happens without first a thought.  Thought is the “thing” that puts every other “thing” into motion.  Everything that has ever been built or invented, written or begun started with a thought.  Thought is the most powerful, creative force in your universe.  The inner thoughts we listen to and accept about ourselves are the building blocks of our lives.

When you want to blame someone else for the way your life has turned out, remember, YOU are doing the thinking in the play that is your life.  You are the one that decides which thoughts stay and which ones are driven out.

You are in charge of whether a thought will empower you and motivate you or whether you will let all your doubt, guilt or shame drive you down without success.  You are in charge of what you listen to even when it comes from those painful failures in the past, even when the BullySelf is pounding away reciting your worthlessness for all your previous faults and failures.

Our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves can be inaccurate, painful and debilitating.  We tend to judge ourselves on an unreasonable scale.  You of ALL people do not deserve what you put yourself through.  You definitely deserve better if you are only willing to change.

Have the courage to change your thoughts.  Give yourself some credit!  You may have some regrets but you certainly have things to be proud of, skills that can be polished and put to good use.

Change your thoughts and change your life.  Silence the BullySelf with confidence and desire.  When you accept criticism from the BullySelf, you give it control that it uses to move you to inaction.  Action is the way out of the trap of self-defeat.

Take authentic action and move toward the life you want and are capable of having.  You don’t have to put up with any more BS!!






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