Happy Thanksgiving! – A Word About Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude is a major step in seeing yourself as more than the limits you embrace.

When you see yourself as blessed, you begin to release your feelings of worthlessness. You begin to see that everything is transformed by the lenses you choose to look through.

Your own paradigms are what distort your vision of yourself.

Gratitude helps us begin to piece together a world of possibility. When there is gratitude, our burdens become a little lighter, our world looks a little brighter, our situation becomes a little more bearable.

If you can be grateful, you will be able to lift yourself above your challenges and disappointments with yourself.

If you’ll give yourself a little gratitude, you can forgive yourself and others, opening a new chapter in your life and start down a new, more fulfilling path to understanding your greatness!

When the BullySelf starts in again, on your obvious shortcomings and failings, remember to give thanks for the things you’ve experienced and for the awareness that you can feel the BullySelf vibes within you.

Give thanks that this awareness brings with it understanding and forgiveness of yourself for all the past punishment you have endured under your own mental tortures.

Give thanks for the ability to S.T.A.R.T. over, to give yourself a new trajectory in which to move forward.

You are no longer a prisoner of your BullySelf. You are powerful and you can hold your head up as you step out of the pain and into the joy.

Remember to be giving thanks, especially when the BullySelf makes his manipulative moves on you!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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