Power in Your Switch- Questions Strengthen the Mind


The Power in Your Switch (4)

Your mind works like a light. When the switch is turned “ON”, we get light. When the switch is turned to the “OFF” position, the light goes out. We are in the dark until we again turn the switch to “ON“.

The switches that control the mind are of course, in the mind.

Your mind is an unlimited source of ideas and solutions. In the last BullySelf post we explained that the human mind has unlimited creative potential. (Link to previous post) Then we were brought back to earth. We realized that there IS in fact a LIMIT to the mind and its creative power. But we could only identify one.

We postulated that the ONLY limit to the mind’s creative capability is ourselves. For me, that means it’s me and my thinking… or in your own case, it’s you and yours. For anyone and everyone else, guess what?… yep, it’s on them.

So what kinds of thoughts are required to shut down the world’s most powerful creative engine? Try negative, self-limiting, sad, painful and dejected thoughts… Woe is me thoughts. “I can’t take this anymore”, …” I can’t Do this anymore”, … “I’ll never be thin”, … “I could never start my own business!”, … “That’s already been done”, thoughts.

When these thoughts are present in the mind, even in the smallest degree, they are the switch to shut down the brain, let the mind rest. The mind only needs a single thought such as one of these, for it to go into hibernation until it’s needed again.

The mind is just as ready and anxious for a quick nap as you or I. It will ALWAYS find a chance to rest somehow, and these thoughts give it permission.

On the other hand, we can restore our mind and its thought process to its full-on creative position. How do we restore the creative infinity of the mind, you ask? By asking the mind a question. That’s it. As simple as that. Just ask.

It doesn’t seem right, does it, the deceptively simple concept of a single question. The restoration of the workings of the most powerful creative software on earth can be, and IS accomplished with a mere question.

It seems too simple but it does stand to reason. If the power of the mind’s creativity can be stifled with a single, limiting thought, then it’s possible for it to be restored with a simple question.

Questions! The mind is built to respond to questions. Use the interrogatories to start! Questions that contain words like: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. This will be most effective for you.

Instead of thinking a statement to yourself, about yourself, that goes something like, “I can’t do ___.” or, “I’m never going to change the situation.” or, “I’m not that smart.” …

Question instead!!

Ask, “What is a way that I could do ____?” or, “How could I make this situation better?” or, “What information could I find to gain more knowledge on this particular subject?”

The Power in Your Switch (5)

It really is as simple as that: Changing your Dead-End thought statements into open-ended interrogatory questions, aimed at advancing your position instead of diminishing it.

If you want to shut down, then tell your mind “I quit.” Or, “I’m done.” or, “I’m too scared.” or any one of a bazillion combinations of mind killing thoughts.

This kind of thinking is what limits your progress!! WHY? You ask… because these are poisonous thoughts! They are the motion killers. And the longer you use them to get out of doing something, the easier they are to use, and the faster the brain goes into hibernation.

Not only are these the thoughts that stop your progress, they are even more dangerous than we realize. As we develop the habit of thinking and using these thoughts, the BullySelf is paying attention. He is looking for tools and ammunition to use against you  in the future.

The BullySelf loves it when your mind is shut down and not considering your goals and dreams. When your mind is closed off, the BullySelf uses its great power to strengthen itself. It enjoys keeping you down. When you are bored, angry, hostile, lazy, discouraged and are believing you are guilty, unworthy, downtrodden, the BullySelf is laying it on thicker and heavier.

The Bully Self knows that if he can keep you from moving toward your goals and dreams, he can use your master creative power for bringing you down further. In this idle time, the BullySelf takes you into the dark places of your thoughts.

The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Idle thoughts lead to undistinguished desires. Judgement of others, low productivity at work, slothfulness, unkindness, selfishness, hate, racism, being a victim of “the system”. These are just a few of the places you can end up when your brain shuts off.

Beware, when you want to come back… when you look for the light and flip on that switch, the BullySelf will be there with his stack of ammunition, waiting to shoot you down. “You don’t deserve ___!”, …”You are SO LAZY!”, …”People will find out about the real you.”, …”You have NO will power.”, …”You should be taking care of ____, instead.”, …”SELFISH! That’s YOU!”, …”You should be ashamed.”

When you turn off your mind, the BullySelf will use its power to strengthen himself. It’s inevitable. The way you can stop it is to ask yourself some questions. Questions are the fuel of the mind. There are an infinite number of things to consider. There is enough fuel for you to bind the BullySelf.

Your power comes from self-mastery. Self-mastery comes from self-discovery. Self-discovery comes from the questions we use to power our minds. Power that is not available to the BullySelf when he shows up to be charged.

Next post, we can consider some empowering answers to the questions you formulate. What answers are you looking for? Which answers bring you down? Will you know the difference? Can they be changed?


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