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The Bully Self has been a dream for many years.  For so many years it has been just that – a distant “maybe someday…” kind of thought.  An idea that “maybe one day” it could greatly impact the lives of others.  All of the years of self-help books/tapes/seminars, education, meditation, hypnosis therapies and sessions, and a journal of uplifting motivational quotes and verses has led us here.  A couple of PHD’s (Personal Hindrance Development) from the School of Hard Knocks, some divine inspiration, a number of brainstorming sessions, some late nights, many prayers and a looming new year full of endless possibilities, we find ourselves at the beginning of a new adventure.  One that is sure to be interesting, most likely challenging, possibly frustrating, but definitely amazing.
Our own life experiences have inspired this concept/theory/idea that we intend to share with you for your own journey of self discovery. Here at The Bully Self, we do not claim to know more than you – your life journey is uniquely different than ours.  Our individual differences make us such incredible beings.  This uniqueness greatly benefits us because we can learn and grow from one another.  We do not claim to have all of the answers – no one can have ALL of the answers.  Our thoughts/ideas/opinions/beliefs change as we change and grow as we grow.  We hope/intend for this to be a place of enrichment/encouragement, and positive development, a safe haven so to speak as we navigate the journey.  We all struggle in this and it is important to know that we are not alone. No matter how many self-help books you’ve read, seminars you’ve attended or sessions you have been through, the Bully within will still rear it’s ugly head. We all know it is best we ignore the bully, but it can be difficult to silence, especially when the sounds of its negative self talk echo so loudly within the “walls” of our brain.
Too many times that arsenal of affirmations/quotes/etc. is just not enough.  Our best intentions are still waylaid by the Bully. The Bully will always be there. It creeps in first as the devils advocate, it exaggerates self-doubt and then adds judgement and guilt from past failures, shutting down your progress and stopping you in your tracks.  It might appear that we are trying to replace positive affirmations, self-help books or inspirational quotes, but that is not that case.  Our intent is that The Bully Self platform would be a supplement to those things – the missing piece to bridge the gap.
It has been said that desire is the benchmark of all accomplishment, but we have seen the people with seemingly unwavering desire get sidetracked, delayed and halted along their route.  We’ve been told that a positive attitude brings about the positive outcomes in our lives, yet, even the most positive of people with the best outlook can get themselves caught up in snares that keep them from their intended goals. So what is the roadblock? The short answer is – it’s the Bully within.  It’s ALL just B.S!!  The Bully Self!
Right now you may be saying to yourself, “I don’t need this.”, “This doesn’t apply to me.”, or “I’ve tried everything and there is no fix.” Now that we seem to have the attention of your Bully Self, you have two choices – Confront or Conform.  You can either confront the Bully within and change the trajectory of your life, or you can conform to the limitations that your Bully has preset for you.  Ready to break out of the mold?  Welcome! We’re excited to be joining you on the quest to be your best!
-The Bully Self  Team


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